I thought about what name my domain should have for a long time. I wanted something neutral, but something that was me as well. Since "I'm still breathing" is my standard answer to people who ask me how I am, I figured still-breathing was the perfect choice.


80HG Productions was created in 2007. 80HG, or Hg 80, designates the element Mercury on the Periodic Table of the Elements; 80 is the atomic number, Hg the element's symbol. While I like chemistry, it is the 'Mercury' that is really important to me. On the one hand, it is my tribute to Freddie Mercury. On the other hand, it indicates both our zodiac signs and its ruling planet Mercury. I do not believe in astrology, but I think it is a very good symbol.


The first website I ever owned was a Star Wars fansite, hosted at GeoCities, back when they still had neighborhoods and street addresses in their URLs. I ran the site under the screen name Shadooine. However, my personal website has its origin in a HIM fansite I used to own. It was first hosted at GeoCities, but when GeoCities deleted my site I decided to buy a domain,, in 2000.
At some point, I wanted a place on the net that wasn't restricted to a specific fandom and a place where I could list the fanlistings I had joined. I created a small page about me at razorbladeklubi. Soon, this was not enough any longer and I moved all my personal content over to a account.
The end of my HIM site (which was mainly brought on by financial considerations, but also by my dwindling interest in the band) marked the birth of still-breathing in 2004. I had always been interested in personal websites and was very excited to be able to build one of my own. It was great to be free to display my interest in anything, and any fandom, I wished. The site first had a HTML table layout, featuring "Angels in America". I opened my first fanlisting, the Asta Nielsen fanlisting, in 2004. My involvement with fanlistings improved (I think) my HTML and eventually my CSS skills.
went on hiatus in 2006 for personal reasons, but also because I concentrated mainly on my fanlistings and my fanlisting collective, idiosyncratic. It returned in 2008 with a CSS layout, featuring "Angels in America" yet again, in a much smaller version. I know that personal websites tend to be a narcissistic endeavor. I hope this one is simply a place that tells people a little bit about me, offers some goodies for visitors and display my interests and efforts at webdesign.


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