// rules //

- You should like the music videos of Queen.;)

- Please use your real first name or a decent nickname. No surnames.

- You do not have to have a site, but you must have a valid e-mail address and tell me which country you live in.

- If you have a site and would like it to be listed on the members page, a link back to http://www.still-breathing.com/queenvideos would be nice, but isn't mandatory.

- If your site features pornography, promotes homophobia or any form of hate I will add you, but I will not list your site.

- It is your responsibility to keep your information up to date. If you ever change your e-mail address or URL, please fill out the edit form. Thank you.

Agree to these rules ? Great! :)
Go grab a code (if you have a web site) and fill out the join form!

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